School Age

All of our Clubhouse staff are experienced and serve as positive role models and facilitators. The Clubhouse is a member of VT Afterschool Inc and all our staff attend trainings!

Our clubhouse promise: a focus on kindness and empathy,
where our teachers support our "club" members with:

• Developing empathy by inviting our kids to converse
about perspective taking and to think what others need
• Establishing boundaries by talking about what it means
to give consent to others before they enter our personal
• Identifying and expressing their needs: we help
members clarify their thinking and express their needs in
ways that are appropriate to the setting
• Identifying and expressing emotions: we allow room for
and validate emotions and we provide a variety of ways
in which members can freely express themselves.
• Holding themselves and each other accountable to
building a community of caring
• Resolving conflict: we take the time to truly listen to each
member and we mediate difficult conversations

The Clubhouse Afterschool is the ONLY state licensed 5 STAR program serving HCS kids entering K-3 Grade in Fall 2018. Our afterschool is limited to just 20 students! We offer developmentally appropriate activities that encourage social, physical, emotional, and creative growth.

Our Clubhouse School Age Programs are designed to be smaller and more intimate -- exactly like a Clubhouse! We focus on building a community of friends who treat each other with respect and kindness.

Community involvement is built into our mission to engage kids. Recent examples include a Bingo with local seniors where our after school kids imagined, then created the Bingo cards and finally spent an afternoon visiting a local senior center to chat and play!